Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions (TTT) is a tennis prediction service. TTT provides thousands of tennis predictions every month. See How It Works.


Prediction probability is the probability of the predicted player winning the match. Eg. in a match Murray vs Simon, Murray is predicted to win the match at 75%. This means that the chance Murray wins the match is 75% (3 of 4). This obviously means that although he is likely to win the match, there is a chance that he will lose too.
Yes, it is. They’re not part of any calculation or AI method used to determine predictions or probabilities.
Yield is the percentage growth of your bankroll compared to the money risked. Eg. if you risk 10USD with odds 1.5 and win, you get back 15USD, so your Yield is 50% (5/10 = 0.5 -> 50%).
Expected Yield (EY) as its name says is the yield we expect after placing a significant number of similar tips as bets (the higher the value the better the tip). E.g. if there is a match Kyrgios vs Zverev, where Zverev is predicted at odds 1.7 with 75% probability, we went back and looked at the model’s previous predictions which were similar and calculated the resulting yield on past years. This value is now presented as Expected Yield.
Maximum Drawdown is the measure of the biggest decline from any historical peak in the profit. See more here.


The good thing is that you can define your own strategy. This means that by experimenting on the Backtest page, you can see how given odds, probability, bet value and stake percent risked combinations influence profit and Yield. Based on that you can choose your strategy: singles or accumulators, high or low risk.
There are endless combinations. When changing any of the threshold values on Backtest you’ll see if that works well on historical data. Based on that you can assume future performance of the strategy.
  • Single, over 70% - Bet on everything above 70%

    This is a pretty single bet strategy: always bet a given percent of your bankroll on a single match. Pick all predictions with probability 70% or above.
  • Single, over 75% - Bet on everything above 75%

    Similar, but more conservative strategy as the above. Pick all predictions with probability 75% or above.
  • Accumulator, over 70% - Accumulate bets on everything above 70%

    As previously, bet on everything above 70%. However instead of making single bets, if the previous bet is a winner, use the amount won as stake with the next bet or accumulate multiple forthcoming matches. You can experiment with this kind of strategy on the Backtest page too.


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