W15 Lousada ITF Women 15k Tennis Predictions - Tennis Betting Tips and Picks for Today

2021-12-02 13:40 GMT,In Progress Guiomar Zuleta De Reales - Natalia Szabanin !selection! to win match 20h40m W15 Lousada ITF Women 15k
2021-12-02 14:30 GMT,In Progress Diana Martynov - Ayla Aksu !selection! to win match 20h40m W15 Lousada ITF Women 15k
2021-12-02 14:00 GMT,In Progress Tatiana Barkova - Miriam Bianca Bulgaru !selection! to win match 27h25m W15 Lousada ITF Women 15k
Last update: 2021-12-01 20:07:30 UTC
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W15 Lousada ITF Women 15k Predictions page help: the table above shows today’s and upcoming tennis matches, as well as daily tennis betting tips for them. The most important column is Probability: it shows the probability of the tennis picks: the higher the probability the bigger the chance that the given tennis prediction will be successful. If you need more information understanding the tennis predictions, please go to the home page where you can find more details on betting tips. Also, take a look at the tennis predictions model backtest to see how the model performs with historical data.

Details of the tennis predictions for W15 Lousada ITF Women 15k:

  • Date: the date the tennis match starts ("In Progress" if already started)
  • Match: the match being played between player1 and player2 at the tournament W15 Lousada ITF Women 15k
  • Prediction: the market and the predicted selection for the market.
  • Odds: the pre-match odds for the predicted selection e.g. the predicted match winner for the match winner market or the if there will be more or less total games for total games over/under predictions.
  • Expected Yield: the yield expected when placing a significant number of similar tips (tips with the same expected yield). The higher the expected yield the better the tip is.
  • Probability: the probability of the selection to come true e.g. for the match winner market, the probability is the predicted probability that the selected tennis player will win the match, for the set handicap market, it's the predicted probability of the selected player winning with the selection handicap.
  • Minimum Value Odds: the lowest odds where the prediction still provides value, in other words, this is the lowest odds where it is still worth betting. Please note that Minimum Value Odds is calculated based on your Minimum Expected Yield settings for the market and level of the given prediction.
  • Available For: how long the tennis tip is available in hours and minutes
  • Event: the tournament the match is played e.g. Australian Open, Wimbledon, U.S. Open or Roland Garros, in this case W15 Lousada ITF Women 15k
  • Level: the level or circuit (ATP, WTA, ATP Challenger, ITF Men, ITF Women 25k+ or ITF Women 15k)